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Hi, I'm Stephen + I am an emerging entrepreneur + creative helping to facilitate my own growth personally + in business. Currently I am using my understandings + talents to facilitate innovative solutions for small business' as well as individual's needs. I use the design thinking method to connect to empathetic solutions that serve the whole and establish systems to iterate from.
Photo + Film/Video Production
My intention is to design high quality content that reflects + connects through the lens of the human experience while connecting + building community, + expanding the understanding of what is + what can be.  
I want to work on projects that matter + have meaning + can serve humanity in a way that allows for forward momentum + progression into the newness + goodness for us all. 
My colleagues + I provide solutions for multi-platform productions.  We facilitate creative development + video + audio production. Narrative film, documentary, series content, + video marketing are in our flow.      
I am available for travel worldwide + beyond.
I am currently accepting opportunities for expansion + collaborative creation .  I am also open to trade as a form of energy exchange, aka payment To support my journey toward conscious content creation, please reach out to connect those amazing ideas + I am open to donation support.  
Thank you.
What do you want, what do you need, focus on that! ―Stephen Camargo
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. ― Aristotle

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